Helping Parkinson’s patients live a normal life.

In 2019, Not Impossible Labs hired Cinco Design to work on the industrial design for the first FDA-approved Bluetooth-enabled devices that help curb the tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

The devices are placed on the wrists and ankles of the patient, and each vibrate at specific frequencies that counteract the tremors the patient is experiencing.

I was assigned to lead the user experience and visual design of the app that controls these four devices.

The app allows the user to select from a variety of preset “Vybs” (think songs) from a playlist that will then play on the devices. The app also allows the user to create their own Vyb by adjusting vibration strength, speed, and pattern on all of the devices or on each device individually.

In addition to interface design and static low-fidelity prototypes that I designed in Figma, I also created a high-fidelity animated prototype using Principle.

The initial wireframes were provided to us by Not Impossible. Once we had those, we jumped immediately into visual design where we also made a bunch of UX improvements.

The team
  • Erich Quist (Lead Digital Designer - UX/UI)
  • Nathan Nalevanko (Program Manager)