In early 2017, I became obsessed with the blockchain and how the technology could transform the world.

One of the first projects I started following was the Skycoin project. I learned everything there was to learn about it and quickly became a believer in their underlying strategy and technologies.

What started with the completion of a few small design bounties, soon turned into an offer to completely revamp their digital brand, as well as redesign their mobile and desktop wallets.

Skycoin’s New Brand Identity

From the logo to the identity to the iconographic system, everything comes together to speak to the key features of the Skycoin blockchain: uncensored, free, eco-friendly, private, fast, and secure.

The custom icons were designed for the wallets while the larger spot illustrations were designed to be used across environments. With the help of my friend, Michael Malowanczyk, we also designed a collection of supplemental three-dimensional illustrations.

Easy-to-Use Wallets

The biggest barrier to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is that it’s all still very confusing to the average person, with their public addresses, private keys, and mnemonic phrases. One of our goals was to make the process of sending/receiving this magical internet money as easy, intuitive, and trustworthy as possible—all while respecting development constraints.

The result was a clean and friendly UI that made cryptocurrency not so intimidating after all.

I created a fully-interactive prototype to get the community excited for the release of the newly designed wallet, and to show the developers animation intent.

I created clickable wireframes of each and every screen and state, which aided the developers in development of the wallet.

My logo is permanently tattooed on the back of John McAffee, an odd point of pride.

The team
  • Erich Quist (Creative/UX Director), Michael Malowanczyk (3D Illustrations, logo help)

Additional thanks go to various anonymous developers.