As part of developing the future of Nike retail, AKQA Portland created the Nike+ Trial Zone.

From interactive, motion tracking enabled basketball courts to fully immersive running experiences, the Nike+ Trial Zone serves a single purpose: ensure consumers find the perfect shoe for their athletic endeavors. By giving the consumer the opportunity to put the product through its paces before they leave the store, they’re able to make a more informed and confident purchase.

The Controller App

Equipped with an iPad Mini, Nike Trial Zone employees use what we called the Controller App to run the experience, manage the queue, record participant sentiment, and replay captured video to the consumer.

The Customer Experience

Between the Controller App, technology-driven environments, and employee-customer interaction, there are many components of the Trial Zone experience that all needed to work in synchronic harmony. Together with an army of colleagues, I helped define the customer experience.

From Concept to Reality

In total, I created close to 100 user journeys to communicate the necessary cadence and correlation of the Controller App, the experience it runs, and the interaction between the Nike employee and consumer. They were primarily used to keep Nike stakeholders and AKQA’s creative, development, and user experience teams on the same page.

Ensuring Future Success

To go one step beyond, we also created a 117-page Trial Zone Directive—a book to onboard and educate Nike stakeholders and employees on the Nike+ Trial Zone experience.

It includes technical information, environment overviews, 48 consumer journeys, basketball drills, staffing models, troubleshooting, and operational guidelines to ensure the experience always runs as designed.

Fun times at the office.

The team
  • Brian Skahan (Managing Director), Ginny Golden (Group Creative Director), Rodrigo Moyses (Group Account Director), Daniel Jones (Account Director)
  • Jason Glover (User Experience Director), Abby Bridges (UX Lead), Karan Patel (Senior UX Designer), Erich Quist (Senior UX Designer)
  • Toby Barnes (Group Strategy Director), Carlos Arias (Senior Strategist)
  • Riaad Van Der Merwe (Associate Creative Director), Matteo Capaldi (Senior Copywriter)
  • Tyler Hilton (Senior Project Manager)

It's important to me that everyone receive the credit they deserve; please email me if I forgot to include you. Also, thanks to RG/A Portland for their early efforts.