In mega-cities like Taipei, the scooter is an integral part of the transportation ecosystem.

Cinco Design and Gogoro partnered to build the brand and prepare the launch of the Gogoro Smartscooter™—a high-performance, zero emissions, two-wheeled electric vehicle—along with the Gogoro Energy Network™.

The team at Cinco Design led the development of their brand platform, defined their identity, and brought it to life across the full spectrum of customer experiences in their pilot market, the mega-city of Taipei.

Faster, Easier, Smarter. All you.

Gogoro’s website brings their ethos to life by going deep into their core benefits: high-performance design, a smarter product experience, ease of the energy network, and rich customization. From there, we streamlined the path to shop, build, and buy direct.

Make it Yours

The configurator allowed customers to customize and purchase the scooter of their dreams. They could do this online or at a kiosk in the Gogoro retail store.

In the year I was on the project, I helped with the digital visual identity, content strategy, and user experience of the website, as well as the configurator and online store.

I was even fortunate enough to go on a solo work trip to Taiwan to work directly with the Gogoro team.

The team
  • Kirk James (Principal & Chief Creative Officer)
  • Mimi Danh (Senior Digital Producer)

It's important to me that everyone involved receives credit. Please email me if I forgot you.